Relieving the Stress of Bill Payment With doxo

September 12, 2019
As of now, doxo can point to millions of users and they can rightfully claim it has changed the way those millions pay their bills. It is the first crowd-sourced, consumer-centered bill paying solution. It means those millions of people can take full control of how they pay their bills, whether they do so via credit or debit card, direct transfer from a checking account or anything else that's viable. They can also use a computer at home or they can use a phone or a tablet on the road.

The doxo system appeals to a segment of the economy that represents approximately half of all household spending. That is why the entrepreneurs who run doxo started the company in the first place. The act of managing and paying all the bills in a typical household ranks among the most frustrating and confounding tasks every family has to face. On average, households pay at least 10 or more bills every month and many of them juggle several online accounts, the occasional creditor that won't take a credit card and a number of websites that won't work with a mobile phone or tablet.

Security at doxo Keeps Scams Away From You and Other Users

March 19, 2019
The entire doxo bill paying system is replete with site is protected with bank-level security throughout, as are the tablet and phone apps. That means you will not be hit with scam after scam. Even the doxo system’s login system alone uses more than a username and password combo; it also requires a security question and image and each stage of the login process appears on a new screen, which makes things far more difficult for scammers.

Based on doxo online reviews, the anti-scam aspect of the doxo system doesn’t draw many negative reviews, possibly because because it's so unique. Unlike many other personal financial apps and systems, the doxo system is more than a bill payment hub, it also serves as a digital filing cabinet of sorts. Users can keep all household and/or small business paperwork in the system and make themselves essentially paperless. It’s one of many measures of control doxo users experience. The doxo system includes warnings when bills come due, but it also gives users almost total control over the payments, while keeping scams away from you and your finances.